Did you know there are rules to using social media to engage with the public? How you post to social media and interact with your followers not only says a lot about your business, it can have legal implications so it is always important to remain aware of the current standards. 

What is Social Media Compliance? 

Social media compliance is never simple. It changes based on the industry, state, and platform you post to. These are a few compliance standards that may or may not apply to your social media posting:

Privacy. Privacy and data protection limit who marketers can contact and requires specification of how they collect and store data. This means marketers should not send unsolicited messages. If you do store data you need to notify consumers when you collect data and ensure that data is stored responsibly. 

Confidentiality. This applies most often to the healthcare industry. People are aware of HIPAA, but you would be surprised how often this confidentiality is breached. If you are unsure of the specific rules you need to be following, always look them up before hitting “post.” 

Marketing Claims. Every industry needs to be aware of advertising rules to ensure their affordable social media plan is risk-free. If your industry is governed by the FDA, your posts are likely monitored for health claims. Right now they are very focused on COVID-19 claims. 

How to Stay Compliant on Social Media

Know the regulations that apply to your industry. This takes time but it is very important to know exactly what you can and can’t say on your social media platforms. Your business lawyers or developers may have a lot of this information already. 

Control and monitor your accounts. You should always know who has access to your accounts and who can post. Don’t give out your passwords to employees who don’t need them. If you outsource your social media posting to a company like 98 Buck Social, make sure they store your passwords responsibly. Monitor the posts that go live to make sure they follow the compliance standards of your industry.  

Create a pre-approved library. To avoid any confusion if you are not the one posting, create a pre-approved library of content or words and phrases that are compliant with the social media marketing rules. While this may take a bit of time, it will avoid any trouble in the future.