Whether you are trying to provide a service to clients, sell a product to customers, or increase your audience for your blog, you have to create trust. Anytime you want someone to seek you out for a service, advice, a product, or anything, they need a reason to choose you over a sea of competitors and options. It may take a little effort on your part to build this trust, but it is not difficult.

Why You Should Humanize Your Brand Image

To humanize your brand image, you first have to realize why it is so important for your businesses’ success. The simplicity behind humanizing your brand image is that people respond to people, so steer away from the robotic marketing strategies. Your audience doesn’t only want to know why you offer your brand; they want to get to know your brand itself and those behind it.This is the ultimate goal for social media managers, and will lead to loyal paying customers. 

When you maintain and display a consistent voice for your brand, this openness will make your brand human and not just some faceless organization or person. Put a name and a face to your brand as you connect your ideas that others are going to be able to connect with and believe in easily. These are three tips for you to use to humanize your brand.

  • Share Your Story with TransparencyThere is always a story behind a company and how it began in business with its specific products or services, so share your story. Be transparent with your audience and create a likeability your audience can support and follow. You want to keep your story relevant to what you offer and how it ties into your brand values and mission statement. 
  • Use Social Media to Build Relationships- It may seem Twitter and Facebook are not going anywhere, although social media have a reputation for consistently changing. If you connect with your audience as though they are people (actual human beings), they will likely follow you no matter what platform you should change to in the future. Social media is one of your most vital tools for interacting with your audience, and you don’t want to lose any of those contacts. 
  • Show Your Thanks– When you celebrate any wins, you have to show your thanks to those who have supported you. Your audience will be emotionally (though subconsciously) invested in your success as they will understand the personal role they played in that success. Everyone likes to feel like they are part of something bigger.

To humanize your brand image is to put a face and name to it that people can relate to, as everyone likes to take a peek into a company and see how it runs. They also want to feel as though they somehow know this person they are handing their hard-earned money over to.


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