Often when you hear “collaboration,” you think of influencer collaborations. However, there are other collaborations you can do with businesses in your community or industry. For example, in the outdoor industry, the app AllTrails collaborated with the sleeping bag-style blanket brand Rumpl to create a new design for a blanket. This is just one simple example and there are many benefits to working with another business on a short project!

Sharing the workload of marketing. There is a reason the saying goes “Two heads are better than one!” During a collaboration, you get to work with another team and bounce ideas off of each other. If you have different social media posting schedules you will have more coverage than if you were the only account sharing.

Access to different content. When you collaborate with another business, you will usually get access to the content that the business creates to promote that product or service. You can share this on your social media accounts!

Expand customer base. Collaborations increase your overall reach because your business will become known to the followers of the business you are working with. If you are working with a business that is in the same industry, but you each have different niches, your shared audience won’t be as big and you will notice some new followers that may have come from your partnership.

Connection to the community. Not only will your reach to potential customers grow, but you will also connect deeper to your community, whether it is online or in a specific area. This is a great tactic for newer businesses to make a name for themselves by partnering with a more established brand.

Gets your name out there. People love limited releases and special editions. By creating a product that won’t be around forever, you will build excitement and people will remember who you are. Your branding will become more recognizable and people will talk about your business.

98 Buck’s affordable social media services can be adjusted to include new posts about collaborations you do! Let us know when you take on these partnerships and wish to share them on your social media accounts.