A successful business keeps track of changing trends and adjusts to stay relevant to their customers. The last two years have changed a lot in the ecommerce world, so 2022 will be an interesting result of what has happened. These are 5 trends you should know about if you are an ecommerce business.

Mobile shopping. Mobile internet traffic is over half of the total traffic online, so people are more likely to shop on their phones than desktops now. Make sure your ecommerce website is just as functional as the desktop version. If you haven’t created an ecommerce section of your brick and mortar retail business, now is the time. Mobile shopping is growing more common each year.

Sustainability. More and more people are becoming concerned with the climate crisis, and are shifting their buying choices to green businesses. This change means businesses need to adjust their practices to match the ethics of their customers. Look into where your products are being manufactured and what materials are used. Even shipping methods can be altered to become more environmentally friendly. This topic is something you can integrate into your social media posting as well!

Social media shopping. Social media platforms are integrating shopping so that they are no longer about pure entertainment. Before you had to direct your followers off the app but now they can buy your products on the platform. If you already are using an affordable social media strategy, you can start incorporating product tags.

Creative packaging. Packaging is an extension of your brand. More and more consumers care about what their products come in almost as much as how good the product is. Make the packaging unique to your business and get creative! You can highlight the durability and connect it to your sustainability practices.

Shopping Independent Stores. Since the start of the pandemic, people have started supporting small local businesses instead of larger corporations. Consumers saw a lot of their local shops failing due to mandatory shutdowns and wanted to help their communities. If you are a small business, connect to your local community on social media. Use hashtags like #shopsmall and #shoplocal.