Facebook marketing continues to be the baseline for the beginning of any marketing plan. Each year it is a smart idea to check in on the trends to understand how your content will perform and to adjust what you have planned. These are five of the trends we will see on Facebook in 2022:

Facebook Live.

According to Facebook statistics, businesses that use Facebook live to sell or promote products have 178% increased engagement! This is a tool you can’t ignore in your affordable social media marketing. Facebook Live performs as well as pre-recorded videos.


Facebook users now consider Stories part of their newsfeed, sharing snippets of their everyday life for their friends to see. They have become enjoyable for smartphone users because they fill the entire vertical screen. Make use of this feature with cheap Facebook Ads! You can create Story ads that show up in between Stories posted by a user’s friends.

Video ads.

Video is the most consumed and most engaging type of content on Facebook right now. Users stick around to watch videos that show up in their feeds. When you make a video ad, make sure to include text so the viewer can watch without turning the audio on.

Newsfeed and in-stream.

Advertisements that show up in a user’s newsfeed or are in-stream videos have higher clickthrough rates than other ads. They appear to be an organic post to the user and they are more likely to stick around to read the post. Whichever you choose, include a clear call to action to increase clicks. 

Short and long posts see increased engagement.

Writing an effective caption is a talent! The word count is important. Posts with less than 50 words and longer than 500 have more engagement than posts that fall in the middle of those ranges. Use hashtags but don’t overload the post (three to five seem to be the perfect amount).