Are you looking for new ideas for your social media posting? People spend so much time online because they are looking to be entertained and educated. We understand many people experience burnout from constantly creating new content for their accounts, so we created a list of fresh ideas!

Old blog posts. Recycle your content! Go through your old blog posts, update them if needed and promote them again! You can even take excerpts from them to create individual social media posts to fluff up your content calendar.

Curated content. You don’t only have to share your own content! Find news articles that relate to your industry and encourage engagement by asking for your follower’s thoughts. Combing through this kind of information can sometimes lead to increased creativity for your own branded content.

Tips. Keep things short and sweet with tips posts. Use your blog content, how-to videos, or even other people’s content to create quick tips for your followers. If you have eBooks, you can even use portions of that to create tips. 98 Buck Social’s affordable social media plans use tips in our content!

Events. Increase your ticket sales or attendance at your events by sharing it on social media. Share photos from past events to add to the excitement and drive engagement. Don’t forget to post about your online webinars too!

Press Coverage. If your business was highlighted in the local press, you wrote an article in a journal, or your CEO was quoted, you can use this content to increase authority and trust. Remember to tag the publication in the post because they may share it with their wider audience!

People go to social media to research brands and businesses. Don’t let a lack of inspiration stop you from building awareness around your business! The ideas shared in this blog post should help you find new ways to promote yourself and add value to your followers.