The true masters of social media think in a completely different way than your average Joe. Through your the day they see, hear, and read things that spark ideas, lead them down trails and add ideas to their “mental reserve.” With all of these thoughts flying around, they have to be organized, aware, and creative.


To implement all of the ideas they collect on a daily basis, they have to be able to translate information and research to choose the most appropriate media to be added. This requires the organizational and planning skill of a manager and the curious, inventive mind of a creative.

If you are having trouble with the responsibilities of the management side or the creative block on the content side, we have curated 6 tips from our seasoned social media managers to help you maximize your productivity!


Organize Your Accounts

When it comes to working through your daily tasks, it’s hard to go from the seriousness of lawyers to playfulness of puppies, back to an informational post for an orthodontist’s office.

Make sure you are grouping all of your industries together to ensure creative flow and help your time-management while researching within a certain field.

Pro-Tip from our Managing Director, Katie: Be kind to your brain! Posting content every day, all day can be a bit taxing for your thought and creative process. Staying on one topic at a time can increase productivity and help you gain deeper insight into each industry!


Block Out Your Schedule

No, we don’t mean clearing out your schedule for a mental health day (sorry). We mean time-blocking!

Set aside the first moments in the office to get situated and create your task list for the day. Answer any emails from clients or colleagues, then get in the groove of your content and let the creativity flow!

We know that not all schedules will look the same but this hack goes for everyone: Write. It. Down.

Make sure you are writing down your schedule and crossing off things as you go. Not only will this keep you accountable, but it will also show you how much you’re accomplishing! Give yourself a pat on the back, a gold star, a coffee break: You’re doing great!


Track Content Inspiration

When it comes to the influx of information that social media managers are exposed to each day, it’s overwhelming, to say the least.

It’s a hard job to filter and prioritize each and every article, fact, or client direction that comes your way. When you do come across something that gives you inspiration, write it down.

Pro-Tip from one of our Social Media Managers, Madelynn: Open up the Notes App in your phone, or Pinterest board and keep it handy for inspiration!


Change Up Your Workspace

Did you know that switching up your location can help boost mood, stimulation, and creativity? Try working in a communal area of your office, or if you work remotely, a coffee shop or library will do just fine!

The change of pace can prove refreshing and give you the boost you need. The freedom to explore multiple locations can also afford workers the opportunity to discover which environment they feel most comfortable in, and how their productivity peaks throughout the day, no matter their environment.


Take Breaks

It can seem counterproductive at first, but studies show that working straight through the day with only one break can end up being detrimental to productivity and creativity: Two huge musts for social media managers.

For most people, high productivity hours take place in the morning, but this isn’t true for everyone. Generally, most people do run in productive cycles of 90 to 120 minutes. Almost no one focuses well for longer than 120 minutes; we need breaks.

Pro-Tip from one of our Supervisors, Emily: Take this time to go for a walk or do some stretching! Physical activity can boost your mood, prevent back and joint problems, and refresh your creative stores.


These are some of the best ways social media manager can stay productive, even on the hardest of days. What other strategies do you use to be creative and productive? Drop us a line in the comments. Wishing you all a productive Monday!