If your business’s following on Facebook is a bit lacking, that’s okay! There are simple ways you can grow your following on Facebook, and get those page likes up where they should be. Keep reading for 5 ways you can start growing your Facebook following today.

Know your audience, and speak to them. To analyze your ideal target market to grow your Facebook following, you can take a look at Facebook Audience Insights! Facebook will walk you through different sections to fill out best based on your business, and this will help you root out your true target audience for curating content, running Facebook Ads, and more.

Don’t forget about your niche audience as well! This is where you can dig deep to break down your brand and think about the specifics within your market that you can use to appeal to a certain crowd. You may find multiple niches within your business, so put on your thinking cap and get to work dissecting!

Run a Likes Campaign. If your business is new to Facebook, the odds are you’ll need to build credibility on your page by bringing up the page likes. This is where a Likes Campaign comes in! A Likes Campaign typically runs for one month, targeting your audience to like your business’s Facebook page.

Just engage with your audience! If you see people commenting on your posts, asking questions, etc., answer them! Brands who respond quickly to potential customers/clients on social tend to do much better than brands who don’t.

Create content that engages followers. Posting promos every day is not a social media best practice. It’s social, after all! Asking questions or taking polls from your audience is a wonderful way to get them to respond.

If your business’s Facebook page is in need of a little pick-me-up in the likes department, the above tips can help you grow your audience on Facebook the right way! Don’t have time to establish a social media presence yourself? Give 98 Buck Social a call!