There are so many lies we tell ourselves about social media marketing that only end up hurting how well our business could perform! Don’t let these myths hold you and your business back.

My ideal customer is not on social media. This myth is just not true anymore! There are so many different platforms so there is something for every interest and age group. Facebook alone has 2.8 billion users! It used to seem that only young people were using social media but even Baby Boomers spend time on Facebook.

You should immediately join every single platform. If you want to burn out from your social media posting, sure, do it. But you will find you are overwhelmed and your content won’t perform well. Each social media platform has it’s “thing” and it often won’t translate well sharing the same exact posts to every platform. There is some crossover but a post that works best on Facebook won’t do well on TikTok!

You should only post on days your business is open. People are spending time on their social media almost every day, not just when your business is open. There are other content types that can build interest for your business and expertise that won’t be centered around visiting your business.

Social media is only about engaging in conversation and not for promotions. To be successful on social media there has to be a give and take. Conversation is necessary, but more and more people are shopping based on brands they find on their favorite social media platforms. You shouldn’t bombard your followers with promotional content, but feel free to share promotions when appropriate.

New platforms are a waste of time. The opposite is actually the truth. Participation on new platforms tends to lead to the fastest growth! The first people who used TikTok are now some of the largest accounts. New platforms are less saturated and their algorithms promote new users. 98 Buck Social’s affordable social media plans give you time to explore new features and platforms to market your business on!