While we are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are in the midst of the “post-pandemic” shift. There are many things that are in the works for 2022 and how social media will be used in the future. To stay relevant and grow your business online, it is important to know where the shifts will take place and how you can incorporate that into your social media marketing. These are five of the trends we will likely see in 2022:

Increased community.

Brands are being forced to focus on community building to connect to their followers and potential customers. Creators and influencers will be a huge help in developing an online community for businesses.

Boosted creativity.

Social media users and online shoppers are getting smarter, which means brands need to get creative to keep up. The old-school marketing tactics are not working anymore. Whether you do your own social media marketing or pay for an affordable social media plan, the content needs to be creative and on-trend with what is most popular online.

Twitter shopping.

There are shopping options on every social media platform except Twitter but that will change in 2022. The social shopping options are growing and Twitter is catching onto that fact. If you include this platform in your social media posting, be sure to update your page once they add eCommerce.


Alternate Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the future of social media and Facebook has already taken the lead in creating virtual spaces for this to continue. While not launched yet, they are working on incorporating AR/VR into their platforms to attract younger users.

Live streaming.

This method of connecting to your followers and community is continuing to grow. There are ways to live stream on every platform and even dedicated ones like Twitch. You should continue to stay present in day-to-day posting but consider incorporating live streams into your marketing plan.