Content on LinkedIn

Professional social networking sites are growing at a rapid rate in today’s society. The most popular platform as of yet? Linkedin!

However, there’s a lot that may surprise you about this platform. We’re here to help clear up any misconceptions!

For instance, did you know that every day millions of posts, videos, and articles are shown through the Linkedin feed? These posts generate tens of thousands of comments per hour, PLUS tens of millions of shares and likes. It’s fair to say that Linkedin is a highly effective social platform to help your company get the word out about its’ mission, updates, or potential employment opportunities.

The most likely type of posting to receive comments, likes, or shares on Linkedin are video posts! This should come as no surprise considering the rapid increase and success that video marketing has had in the’ social media/digital marketing realm.

Messages sent via Linkedin have increased 35% year over year, making it an extremely helpful platform to connect with people all across the globe in a professional manner!
Weekly members who engage with content are 5xs more likely to return on a day to day basis! Be sure your company is putting out quality content on a regular basis. It could have a big effect on your following!

Lastly, top publishers have seen a 120% growth to page followers year after year. That’s a pretty hefty number if you ask us…

Eager to see where Linkedin could take your business? Contact 98 Buck Social today to learn more about our social media management services! We’d love to help bring your brand success!

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