If you’re new to the business game, odds are you’re still in the process of building your team. Hiring new people may seem like a daunting task–especially if you haven’t interviewed potential employees before! Don’t sweat it. The biggest thing to remember is this: once you’ve started building your dream team, you need to start building your office culture, too!


Continue reading for some helpful pointers on building your office culture!

  1. Keep it cool: Don’t be one of those unapproachable bosses! You want your employees to feel comfortable communicating with you. If one of your employees is having a problem in the workplace or otherwise, you want them to feel comfortable enough to come and talk to you about what’s going on. Having check-ins with each of your employees every few months or so is a great way to get feedback from everyone and establish a healthy rapport. This also lets your people know that you respect them as individuals.
  2.  Consider casual attire: Many people work more effectively when they are wearing comfortable clothes! According to a recent study by Stormline, “61% of employees are more productive when dress code is relaxed. 78% of respondents said that even without a dress code, they’d still make an effort to dress well and would make a clear distinction between ‘work clothes’ and ‘non-work clothes.’” It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that you’re more productive when you’re comfortable in your environment–and in your clothing!
  3. A happy office is a healthy office: One great way to keep everyone happy is to make time in the workday for everyone to be able to take a real break and rest their minds. Encourage your employees to take short walks outside, make a personal phone call, or eat lunch somewhere besides their desk! At 98 Buck Social, we have an exercise for our team, called Mindful Mondays, where we take about 15 minutes on Monday afternoons to relax, stretch and let go of the tension in our necks, shoulders and wrists. Those little mind-breaks do wonders for productivity. You may not realize it, but taking a break when you’re stuck is a great way to recenter your focus. This goes for you too, boss!
  4. Don’t micromanage your team: We get it. Your business is your baby, and it’s understandable that you want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect 100% of the time. Sadly, this can get in the way of your business running smoothly. Branching out from a single employee (you) to hiring a team is a huge step, and you have to be able to trust the people you’ve hired.
  5. Establish a Work/Play Balance: Spending time with your employees outside of the office is a great way for everyone to blow off steam and get to know each other outside of an office setting. Depending on where you’re located, doing something like an escape room or a nice dinner is a fresh and fun way for everyone to mingle. Our team recently took a Pontiki Charter Cruise on the Jupiter Inlet, and everyone had a wonderful time! If you aren’t into big shindigs, having an employee’s only game night at the office can be super fun. You’ll find that when everyone is comfortable working and spending time together as a team, your business will run much smoother!


If you’re a small business hot off the press, building a great team is one of the best things you can do to help the success of your brand. Take it from us! We hope these tips help spark your own ideas for how to build your office culture. If you want to see more of our awesome office culture, check out our company’s Instagram page @98bucksocial