As a business on Instagram, you should want to reach as many people as possible. When you start out with zero followers, it seems like a constant uphill battle to get that number to grow. Organic growth is the best way to create a community of die-hard fans of your brand, so patience is important. However, we have compiled a list of tips to help get your new Instagram account discovered!


Instagram is trying to compete with TikTok for users’ attention, so Instagram is prioritizing accounts that use this feature over other accounts that don’t. This is currently the best way to get discovered by new people without paying for ads.

Share to your Stories.

Younger generations really love content that isn’t permanent to the feed. It gives a personal feel and usually includes behind-the-scenes views of a business. 98 Buck Social can take your in-feed posts off your plate with our affordable social media services so you can focus on Stories.

Use relevant hashtags and keywords.

This is such a simple step that should never be forgotten in your social media posting. Remember when including hashtags in your posts they need to be relevant to the topic you are sharing about and the content of the images. Try to include a mix of hashtags of various sizes like 1-5 with up to a million posts, 1-5 with a few hundred thousand, and so on. Try to use hashtags that have at least one thousand posts. This ensures a wider reach of your posts. Don’t forget your keywords too! Use keywords in your Name, Bio, and captions to help Instagram push your content to people who may be interested in similar topics.

Create sharable content.

The most engaging posts are those that can be shared by the audience. Promotional posts are essential in a business but those shouldn’t be your only kinds of posts. It becomes repetitive and boring for your audience. Include a mix of educational and entertaining posts in your content calendar.

Target your local audience.

If you are a local business, use your area’s geotags to increase your audience. Geotagging is a way for people to find your business by searching a location. Instagram has a search engine so optimize your posts to be found in multiple ways