Coming up with new Reels ideas takes time, so we are here to help! Your business can experience a lot more engagement on Reels than on traditional in-feed posts. Try these ideas out to get some rapid growth: 

Show off your skills. As the expert on your business and how to make your amazing products, share your skills online. Don’t share your trade secrets if you don’t want to, but you can provide a lot of entertainment and education with these kinds of Reels. 

Behind the scenes. Many users are curious about how their favorite brands operate, and behind the scene Reels scratch that itch. While you are going about your day-to-day schedule or process, take a little extra time to film what you are doing. This is a great style of Reel for promoting new launches. 

Share your values. What is something you think makes your business different? Do you only use sustainable ingredients in your products or are plastic-free? Do you donate a portion of your profits to a cause you are passionate about? Create a Reel that highlights this aspect of your business. 

Reel(Real) vs. Reality. We all know by now that Instagram is a highlight reel. This makes Instagram vs. Reality Reels so much more entertaining. It also humanizes your brand and shows your personality. If you are comfortable with getting vulnerable you will find your followers will resonate much more with your social media posting. 

Before and after. If your product or services involves any kind of transformation, this style of Reel will work for your business. Users love montages and shocking transformations. These Reels usually create a lot of engagement! 

Create a tutorial. Show off your expertise and help your followers create something. People turn to the internet for education these days so utilize your social media following to help out! So many industries can take part in these kinds of Reels! Are you a graphic designer? Show how to use a special tool on Adobe. Do you own a food truck? Share a recipe for a drink that pairs well with your best-selling food item. The options are endless!

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