Last month TikTok maintained its high downloads and topped the charts yet again! Because of it’s growth, there are many new features like in-stream shopping, and longer live broadcasts. It is not too late to start marketing your brand on this fast-growing app. TikTok is a place for creativity, authenticity, and fun. If you would like to have a strong presence on TikTok, try these tips:

Ads that perform best don’t look like ads. Traditional advertising does not work on this platform. In-feed ads on TikTok will have a higher engagement rate if you create them to look like regular organic in-feed videos. Keep trends in mind and use people in your ads. Don’t overthink how you create your ad because authenticity is most valuable to users.

Engage like a user. Follow, comment, and like people’s videos! Businesses can put themselves at the forefront of trends if they participate in the conversations happening on TikTok. Use the app to help build your community. 

Trends start on TikTok. This platform is not isolated. With its fast-paced growth, trends are far-reaching and often seen on competing platforms. The trends also find their way into real life. Many influencers have caused sales to blow up on certain products in the real world.

Create intentionally. TikToks are meant to inspire, entertain, and educate. Promotional content does not work well on this app so remain authentic to your mission and sales will come.

Engagement first, clicks second. People don’t use TikTok with the intention to shop. Show up authentically and take part in the everyday conversations that happen within the app. Focus on building engagement and then off-app clicks with come.

Facebook’s 4 apps are in the top 5 after TikTok so you should still maintain your presence there. 98 Buck’s affordable social media services can post regularly on your other platforms so you can focus more time on your TikTok ads!