Facebook is widely used as a platform for connection which means its algorithm is targeted toward pushing posts by friends and family over brands. Don’t despair! There are ways you can make sure your social media posting isn’t wasted. 

Build community. Bring together like-minded customers who love your business and could benefit from your special knowledge. Posts from groups show up higher in the Facebook home feed so your posts are more likely to be seen. Facebook Groups also allow your customers to talk to each other, building a community centered around your business and your brand values. 

Post engaging content. Unfortunately, there isn’t one exact post that always performs best on social media. However, content that engages your audience performs better than overly salesy content. This can be different for each brand and audience. Some prefer educational content, some prefer entertaining, and some prefer posts they can interact with. This can take some experimentation to understand what your audience wants. 

Enable reviews. Reviews are incredibly important in encouraging more sales and follows. The overwhelming majority of customers read reviews before making a purchase. Enable reviews on your Facebook page to increase your sales. 

Engage with customers during live streams. Live streams are a free way to connect with your audience directly! During your product demos, Q&As, and expert interviews, check in with your live chat and respond to your viewers’ comments. To make it simpler you can have a dedicated person answering questions while you are talking. 

Use ads. Cheap Facebook ads go hand in hand with organic posts. With Facebook’s massive user base, you can have access to over a quarter of the world’s population! When creating your ad you can narrow your target audience to increase the chances of reaching a person who will actually want to purchase your product! 

Experiment with native shopping. With this new feature, customers don’t have to leave the platform to make a purchase with your brand! Your cheap Facebook ads can also link directly to your digital storefront.