LinkedIn is the spot to build your authority in your industry and network, but is it worth it to pay for ads to market your business? Advertising on LinkedIn can be tricky to get used to but it can lead to greater awareness, engagement, and conversions!

LinkedIn Advertising tips:

There are different types of ads that can help you reach your goals. LinkedIn has provided many different options for ads from in-feed, messaging, and right-rail ads. In-feed ads can be a single image, video, carousel, or event. Sponsored messaging can look like a conversation through a pick-your-path experience or a direct message to spark action. Right-rail ads can be text only, a spotlight, or a follower ad. 

Personalize the ads for different kinds of customers. If you offer services that can be utilized by different industries, create a set of ads that will target those different industries. Generic ads don’t perform as well as highly personal ones.

Make sure the ads look professional. LinkedIn is a social media platform made for professionals. All of your ads should represent your business in a professional tone. You can be more casual in your other social media posting, but try to avoid that on Linkedin.

Get creative with text and images. The best performing ads are those with eye-catching images and clear text. Follow your business’ branding and make sure your ads stand out from your competition. This may take some trial and error so be patient.

Target decision-makers. As a primarily B2B platform, your ads should always target the decision-makers of the businesses you are trying to reach. Otherwise, your ad will fall on deaf ears. LinkedIn’s targeted ads make it easier to reach the people who can take action on your advertisement.

Post organically alongside your ads. You should have a strong brand outside of your advertising! 98 Buck Social’s cheap social media plans can help you maintain your presence while you focus on paid advertising.