It is easy to get frustrated and think social media isn’t worth the effort if you aren’t seeing results! This may be because you are making fatal mistakes on your accounts. It takes time to grow organically but it is worth it for your business to be present online. Here are some common mistakes businesses make when they start marketing on social media:

Not having a plan. To see success in your social media marketing you need to have a plan. Figure out your exact goals for social media and break down the steps to reach them. This will make it easier to track your progress and see if you are achieving your goals.

Posting randomly. In your plan, you should decide how often you want to post and at what times. Even if it is just three times a week, you will be making an impact on your social media presence. 98 Buck offers affordable social media plans so you don’t have to worry about posting when you need to!

No call-to-actions. Give your followers something to do! Call-to-actions are very important in achieving high engagement. Tap into their excitement and direct them to like, comment, or click on your links so they can see your amazing products and services!

Overthinking. Perfection is not possible, especially on social media. Many of these platforms are used for entertainment, so loosen up, have fun, and experiment!

Buying followers. Authentic engagement is the ultimate goal on social media and purchasing followers does not get you there. Often these accounts are not real or are not used. Those accounts do not engage with your content, so you may have a high follower count, but you will not get engagement. This means you do not have true supporters and when it is time to sell your products, they will not be buying them.

Focusing on followers instead of engagement. It can be easy to see the number of followers you have and get discouraged. But this is not as important as it used to be. The algorithm on certain social media platforms can suggest your posts to people who aren’t following you, which means your content is getting seen more! Shift your focus to creating content that makes people want to engage instead of click the follow button.

Not engaging back. You can’t just make a post and run away anymore. Now you need to engage on the platforms. If someone comments on your posts you should respond! It creates a conversation with your audience and they will be more likely to support you long term!

Automating content for the long term. While it can seem attractive to automate all your content at once so you have posts for months, this won’t make your business stay relevant. You may miss out on trending content or forget to post about your new launch. Keep your social media authentic and up to date! You can send 98 Buck your business updates and new launches and we will share all your exciting news in our social media posting!