Word-of-mouth is often considered the best marketing tactic and influencer marketing could be thought of as “word-of-mouth” in the online world! Influencer marketing is very efficient if you are looking to get your brand’s name out to as many people as possible.

Increased brand awareness. When an influencer posts about your business, it makes your brand more recognizable. People who haven’t heard about you will see their post and if they are interested, they will find your social media page or website to learn more. Your reach is expanded further than traditional digital marketing in a shorter timeframe.

Improve credibility. Influencers have spent years building trust with their followers, so when they talk about your business, that trust is also placed on you! Often they are seen as experts and their followers take their advice seriously.

Access to a targeted audience. Influencers find their success within their specific niche. When researching which influencer you want to work with, take their audience into account. This style of marketing can be extremely targeted compared to your organic social media posting.

Boost search ranking. A lesser-known benefit to influencer marketing is how it can increase your ranking in search engines! Sponsored posts and brand mentions increase the number of backlinks you receive.

Save money. Influencer marketing doesn’t have to cost you and can be an affordable social media hack. Smaller influencers have lower compensation expectations and some may even make a post about you in exchange for free products. Keep your budget in mind when reaching out to potential influencers.

Increased engagement. After an influencer makes a post about you, you will see your engagement rate increase. Their followers will go to your page and like your posts; you will probably also get more followers if they enjoy your content enough.

Added presence on multiple platforms. Many influencers have a large following on multiple platforms and you can negotiate where they post when you are discussing your terms. If you want your brand to be seen on a platform you don’t spend time on, an influencer on that app can help.