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Small Business Marketing Wants vs Needs

Learn how to discern between marketing wants vs needs and how to align your marketing strategy with your true business goals.

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4 Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you’re setting up Facebook Ads for the first time, make sure you avoid making these four common mistakes.

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What You Should Know About Instagram Reels Ads

Reels Ads are full-screen and immersive content that appear in between user-generated Reels, allowing businesses to reach users in a new way.

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How to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Company

Research shows that loyal customers are more profitable, spend more, and are more likely to recommend a brand to others.

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Are Paid Ads Worth It for Small Businesses?

As a small business owner, it is essential to understand the potential return on investment (ROI) of paid ads.

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5 Productivity Tips for Social Media Managers

Making the most of your time is essential to your success as a social media manager. Check out these productivity tips to help you!

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What Are the 10 Types of Social Media Users?

Understanding the major types of social media users will give you an idea of the type of content that will appeal to them the most.

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Understanding CPC vs CPM for Social Media Advertisements

Generally, the two most common pricing models for social media advertisements are CPC and CPM. Make sure you know the difference!

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What Are the Types of Paid Media Advertising?

Paid media advertising is when businesses pay for advertisements that direct users to a specific message, usually to the company’s website.

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Why Your Business Needs Local SEO

More than 90% of online experiences start on a search engine. Now more than ever, you need a local SEO strategy if you want to get ahead.

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