Building Organic Reach on Your Social Media


Growth, engagement, likes, comments. Does it all work together or are they separate entities? Social media is constantly evolving, changing how often you’re seen & by whom…and if that wasn’t enough, ever-changing trends can have you feeling so 2018.


So how do you appeal to consumers? By being you! I know that sounds too good to be true, but it works! Yes, paid approaches to growing your social media are still vital, but there’s an effective way to use both paid and organic social media marketing to get the results you want.


So where do you start?


Minimize promos & maximize personality. Those behind-the-scenes looks at the people who make up your company, are what make you relatable. Are you more likely to buy coffee from an e-commerce shop after hearing about it from an influencer being paid to tell you how much they love it or after hearing about it from Tom, the company’s roastmaster who just got back from aiding disaster relief in Haiti & loves a cold brew Peruvian roast with a dash of cream and honey?


Real people with real stories who really use your product can’t be bought. This is organic. This is vital to your social growth.


Secondly, use hashtags to join conversations. When you hashtag your posts with relevant content to your industry, you open the door for thousands of other people to stumble upon your posts. If they engage, write back! Smaller companies often miss out on creating customers out of engagement. Your marketing doesn’t stop when you hit post. Not only should you be responding to comments on your own feed, but exploring other pages with similar interests is a great way to snag a customer! Start venturing out & engaging on posts & you’ll be #blessed when the results start rolling in.


Last tip! Post regular content. One picture every few weeks of your inventory isn’t going to cut it. Out of sight, out of mind! The more you’re front and center with your consumers, the better chance of a sale. Well, to an extent. No one wants to scroll through 58 pictures of your bracelets on Instagram, no matter how cute they are.


Still feeling lost? No worries! 98 Buck Social has perfected the road map to social success. Organic posts, daily, with trending content is what we do! Send us a message to get started!