COVID-19 is sweeping across the world, unlike anything we experienced or could have imagined. The signs are pointing to the fact that we are in this crisis for the long haul, and disruption of business is going to continue. We have to learn a ‘new’ normal during this crisis to keep our business going and thriving. To continue, you have to rethink how you handle your marketing strategy. These are tips to keep in mind while continuing with your social media marketing plan!

Employees Can Activate Social Media Effects
Your employees can have a significant impact on your customers. You can encourage them to share their COVID-19 experiences on social media and to talk positively on how your brand is helping them and others through this difficult time. This communication can benefit the employees who bond with your brand and customers who attain an authentic sense of what your brand stands for.

Communication Should Ensure Authenticity
The conversation you put out there must align with your brand’s vision and mission to ensure it is authentic. People, your customers, are looking for ways to connect during these times of uncertainty.
When you engage with your customers effectively during these difficult times, they will want to continue with you after we get back to better days. While we are dealing with uncertain times, transparent communication is the key to maintaining your customer’s trust and loyalty.
Choose essential pieces of information your customers can use and intermix it with how your brand can help or make these times easier to get through. The downside to this practice is the amount of misinformation out there, and your ability to sort through it and use credible sources when communicating. You do not want to gain a reputation for misguiding people or attempting to cause a panic that only your brand can get them through. Be genuine, informative, practical, trustworthy, and a useful resource for your customers to count on and come back to.

Mobile and Social Media Skyrocket as Consumers Look for Digital Content
Consumers are now shifting their spending patterns and behaviors, and marketers have to adapt their strategies to meet these changes. It is now time for marketing strategies to re-allocate and meet people where they will be- at their homes and online.
Social media during this pandemic will allow you the ability to build camaraderie through your digital platforms. Your routines are going to change, where you and your team work will change, but it is important while these changes take place, you remain optimistic while not making light of the situation at hand, nor spreading panic or despair among your customers.
While it is not expected of your business to post or share messages on your site about the crisis, it can help your customers connect with your brand. When they understand you are not carrying on business as usual and only looking to make sales, but are also impacted by COVID-19 as they are, they will connect more with you.

Choose Campaigns Carefully
You may have an exciting marketing campaign that you and your team have worked on and are ready to launch. It may concern a new product or service that you’re anxious to get out to the public. During these times of crisis, however, it may not be the time to release this campaign.
It is crucial to your brand to recognize that it is good sense to use the ‘pause’ button on advertising that is not urgent right now. You and your marketing team have to change your focus to ways you can service your customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Choose or change campaigns that will inform, and help your customers adopt new buying styles during these times of crisis. For 98 Buck Social, offering our social media services at a discount was the best action we ever took during the pandemic, as it give companies on a tight budget an avenue to effectively market their products on social media without breaking their banks.

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