A Facebook Business page should be the start of any business’s cheap social media marketing plan. Facebook has over 2.85 billion active users around the world! This means your ideal cusotmer is almost certainly on this platform but because there are so many accounts your content may get lost in your follower’s feeds. We’ve compiled some tips to increase your engagement on Facebook!

Ask Questions. Give your followers a way to engage if you want them to leave comments. Ask relevant questions that make sense with your post. Not only will people leave their answers, they will engage with the other comments people have left.

Talk about trending topics. When you spend enough time on social media you start noticing the trends. To remain part of the trends and conversations, your posts should reflect what is happening in the world.

Share curated content. Facebook makes it very easy to share content that isn’t only created by you. Share relevant photos, videos, news, and blog posts created by other people in your industry. This sparks conversation in the comments of your posts.

Ask for feedback. Utilize your follower’s insight into your business by asking for reviews and feedback! People love giving their opinions and your products and services can improve. You can even ask for feedback on your social media posting and understand what kind of content your followers like the most.

Call-to-actions. Never forget a call-to-action! Tell the user what to do in your caption like “Click this link to learn more,” “Join our mailing list,” or “Follow us to see more!”

Design day- and holiday-specific posts. This is a super simple way to increase engagement on your posts. When you tap into the emotions of your followers they are more likely to like, comment, or share the post.

Make people laugh. Keep things lighthearted with funny jokes and memes that are relevant to your industry. Entertaining content tends to be what Facebook users like to see.