Aesthetic (n) pleasing in appearance; attractive. Contrary to what many believe, you don’t have to be an IG model for your IG to be attractive. Read more to find the skinny on what it takes to have a follow worthy account! (We promise, it’s not in the form of detox tea.)

First, it helps to pick a theme. What does that mean? You want to maintain a consistent flow on your page, so it’s important to start with picking core colors to represent your brand. Pizza shop? Opt for red, white & black to go bold. Vegan makeup? Peach, green, white depict a ‘clean’ look. Whichever colors you choose, don’t forget that if you’re posting every day (and you should be) you’re going to need to find a lot of content with those colors. Don’t make it so specific that you run out of pictures.

Why does a theme matter? It gives the page an overall professional look, reflects who you are and is an easy way to reassert your brand. Each consumer knows within seconds of scrolling whether or not your page is something they’re going to follow. The witty captions are important, but before they read your posts, they’re going to have to follow you. Does your page look put together and professional or chaotic? Consumers want to spend time places that are easily navigated and pleasing to look at.

Once a visitor lands on your page, the hard part is over! They’re already interested in what you’re offering if they’ve made it that far, so hitting that follow button should be an easy choice. Consumers want to follow brands with quality content. Blurry photos of a nature hike aren’t going to cut it. While authenticity is key in content being posted, aesthetics reign supreme when it comes to the photos. Professional quality work, whether done by your own company or stock images are essential in creating a consistent vibe.

Are you looking for an Instagram makeover but unsure where to begin? Luckily, 98 Buck Social has social media marketing managers who are up to date on all of the #instaworthy themes & ready to take your page from insta-no to insta-follow.

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