Since 2021, Twitter has been slowly rolling out their social commerce features to their platform. As social shopping becomes more and more common, Twitter will be taking on new features to compete with other social media platforms. Twitter Shops are now live and businesses can take advantage of this new storefront. 

Accounts that have this feature enabled can list up to 50 items and users can look at the product details. If they would like to purchase an item, it directs the user to the merchant’s website instead of charging within the app. Since the launch of Twitter Shops, there is a recent update that may affect your social media posting. 

What’s new

Last week Twitter announced a new test for their “Product Drops.” Merchants will soon be able to add a “Remind Me” button for posts to create buzz around a business’ newest launch. When the countdown is reached, users will receive a notification they can click that will take them directly to the product in Twitter Shops. Then they can click through to go to the website the item is listed on. 

Tips for Twitter social shopping

Create organic conversations. The addition of Product Drops naturally creates conversation around your newest releases. Tweet about how-to’s that are related to your product and ask your audience questions as well. 

Add a variety of items to your shop. Utilize Twitter Shops as a form of research. You are allowed to add up to 50 items to your Twitter storefront. Depending on your business this is either a lot of listings or too few, but no matter what you are getting access to an audience that can be tracked by clicks. Be aware of your analytics.

Be experimental. Twitter Shops is still developing and testing new features, so don’t rely too heavily on it to boost your sales. Instead, take an experimental approach and see how the new features may fit into your existing affordable social media marketing strategy!