With over 2 billion active users on Facebook, it should come as no surprise that Facebook advertising has become a core component to a successful digital marketing campaign. While this type of advertising can get pricey, there is a way to market your business effectively, while still keeping the cost to a minimum. The answer you’ve been looking for, is Facebook Ads Light!

Facebook Ads Light takes form in two different ways-the first: boosted posts. So, what can boosted posts do? By boosting a post, you can actually improve your post’s reachability (since you are able to target specific demographics/behaviors.) It’s also a pretty simple advertising method, since you have already created the content and you are simply hitting the boost post button! The downside is your targeting options can be more limited using this method. However, it’s a great first step to get your Facebook page the views it needs!

The second option while using Facebook Ads Light is called a likes campaign. A likes campaign is an ad you run via Facebook that will encourage other users to like and interact with your content. Though neither of these methods can guarantee sales, they do bring more attention and credibility to your social media sites, and, to your business as well (which should help a lot!). A likes campaign also tends to give a user more creative freedom. Though you are creating a whole new promo, you are also able to tailor your audiences more!

Both methods allow their users to create a custom budget and ad duration period. Typically, boosted posts are run for a week, while likes campaigns run for a month.

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