Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is notoriously hard to understand and it is very difficult to gain organic reach. If you can get insight from the horse’s mouth, it helps target your social media posting. Each person’s newsfeed is different from the next because of the algorithm, but the goal for your social media is to have your content be seen by the most amount of people.

Facebook considers four key elements when it ranks posts:

Inventory. This first portion of ranking takes into account all of the content the user could possibly see. This includes friends and family as well as business accounts, group posts, and news outlets they may follow. Advertisements are included in this element too.

Signals. Next, signals are read within the post like who posted it, what the content is (photo, video, or link), and how the user interacted with that poster in the past. If the user interacts more with certain kinds of posts like mostly video or if they do click through shared links, this is taken into account.

Predictions. Predictions are made on the post from the signals it reads. The algorithm predicts how relevant it is to the individual user, and if they will interact with it.

Score. Facebook then creates a score for the post based on the signals and predictions. The posts with higher scores are placed at the top of the user’s news feed.

By creating posts that users want to engage with, your organic posts will perform better and better over time. After you have been posting for a little while, take notice of the kinds of posts that perform the best, and replicate that style. Advertisements are always ranked higher than organic posts, so if you have content you want as many people to see, we can create cheap Facebook ads for you!