As a dentist, it may not always be easy for you to get the word out about your practice, and the services you offer. But, fear not! There are numerous effective marketing strategies specifically for those in the dental field that can help your business reach new heights (and followers!).

Build a Social Media Community

It’s important to let your current patients, and prospective patients know that you are interested in educating them about their oral health and communicating with them, in and out of the office. The best way to do this? Social media! By creating social media pages, not only are you encouraging others to like, follow, and help you get the word out about your practice, but you are also engaging with and educating your public in an efficient and helpful manner.

For example, posting relevant content like dental articles, tips, facts, how patients can reach you, etc. will enable your dental practice to build a steady following. The more relatable and relevant the content, the more likely it has a chance to be shared as well (I.E more business)!

Create a Well-Designed Website

There is a 70% that a patient’s first impression of you will come from your website. So, why not make it a good one? Your dentistry website should be well-organized and professional looking. Make sure the most important information stands out in a clear to read, easy way. Devise a color scheme, create tabs/subheadings, and make sure you yourself can navigate the page before taking it live. Web-designers are also a great resource to utilize!

Practice Local SEO

These days SEO is everything and focusing on certain keywords can definitely help you drive in new business. But, local SEO is most certainly the way to go for most dentists. For instance, if you are a dentist in Florida, you don’t need people in California seeing your page. Local SEO allows a business to target their audience by enabling promotions in certain regions only! That way, you are able to tailor your own audience-making for a more successful marketing strategy.

Research Your Competition

A good way to find out what is working in marketing-is to find out what ISN’T working. Do your research before beginning to promote content on your pages. Look at other dental websites and social medias. What do you like? What don’t you like? Make a list for your social media manager so you are able to generate the kind of content you see as helpful!

Run Facebook Ads

Last, but not least, once you’ve designed your Facebook page, take advantage of the advertising opportunities. Not only will it help to tailor your audience, it will also allow you the ability to create your own ad to run for however long you see fit. Facebook ads also allow you to create your own budget-so you’ll never go over your ideal spending limit!

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