Father’s Day is often a hard holiday to shop for and market for. You don’t want to use the same type of content that has already been used, but what do you do instead? In case you don’t have a plan in place for your social media posting, we have compiled some ideas!

Throwback challenge. Ask your followers to share their favorite old photos of their dad’s! Nostalgia is always fun and it is a great way to connect to your audience in a different way. Try to connect the challenge to your industry. For example, if you sell food products, ask for photos of dads cooking or barbequing.

Sports video contest. This is a perfect idea for physical fitness industries, and video content is the most engaging on social media right now. Create a giveaway that requires the participants to post a video of the father in their lives doing some sort of physical activity that pertains to your business.

Change in-store displays. If you are a retail business, shift your displays to showcase your father’s day gift ideas! Share the new displays on social media as well to entice your local community to come and shop at your store!

Gift guide. Because most of us need help shopping for our dads, gift guides are so helpful! Organize your top ideas for Father’s Day Gifts with explanations about how your product will be exactly what they want.

Recipes for grilling season. Summertime is grilling time. If your business works with food, share recipes that the whole family will love. Be sure to use photography of fathers cooking for on-trend Father’s Day content.

Dad Jokes. Who doesn’t love a good Dad Joke?! Post your favorite and ask your followers to share theirs. Everyone will love seeing your sense of humor and you will get a good laugh at the submissions.

98 Buck Social always includes holidays in it’s cheap social media scheduling to stay relevant to trends. If there is a topic or specific idea you want us to implement for Father’s Day, contact us!