Reels is Instagram’s newest feature. These videos are 15 to 30 seconds long and can have voice-over, music, or other trending sounds, similar to TikTok. If you have content that doesn’t make sense in your regular social media posting, this can be a fun way to experiment! Here are some ideas for your Instagram Reels:

Meet the team. It is trending to share your company culture on social media. There are a few ways you can do this! Because the videos are short, you can do a quick introduction of your staff. If you want to get more detailed you can also share individual employee highlights!

Make a product. Showcase the process of creating a product! Obviously don’t share any secret ingredients, or processes that are unique to your business but behind-the-scenes videos are very popular.

Follow a trend. Like TikTok, there are many sound-bytes that are trending. If there is one that is relevant to your business or that you find funny, make a video with it. You can also try to create a trend or a challenge for your followers to replicate.

Answer a FAQ. Provide educational value to your viewers by answering a question about your business or products. This can also save you time so you aren’t responding to all the comments with the same questions.

Repurpose content. Use your most liked post and recreate it as a Reel! You can also use your best blog post and adapt it to video. This is a very easy way to add to your video ideas! You can also direct people to those blog posts with call-to-actions to get more views on your blog posts!

Your regular life. Show your followers what you do when you aren’t working! This highlights who you are outside your business and makes you more relatable.

Take requests. If you see a comment on your video with a fun idea or interesting question, use it! When you use a follower’s idea, it shows them you are listening and appreciate their feedback.

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