Growth Engine FAQ

How does targeting work? How can I get better results?

There are two main ways to target on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and it’s rather creative and innovative, it’s not 100% accurate because we’re doing it organically. It is very different than facebook advertising where you can simply tell it age, location, interests etc of what you want to target.

  1. You can target by audience look alike strategy, which is finding a high volume account (5-10k followers or more) that has the same type of followers you want. If you need local followers, try a popular restaurant, entertainment or government account that would have local followers. If you’re focused on a particular business or interest, find accounts that propel that interest and would have followers likely to also be interested in you.
  2. The second way to target is by hashtag, this targets accounts that post with a certain hashtag. This can be local, interest, or niche based. Again not 100% accurate either, but very effective. These hashtags should have a high volume of use as well.
Make sure you've watched our overview video!

Why am I getting followers that look like spam or fake accounts?

Spam is everywhere on Twitter and Instagram, aggressive growth seems to make it more apparent, and you may notice what may appear to be spam related accounts in the feed, following or followed. We try to make it minimal, but it can happen. The ultimate goal is to have a viable majority of the followers as targeted real followers, with a very small percentage of spam.

It seems like some followers are ||random|| or not targeted

What may appear to be unrelated or “random” accounts may actually not be unrelated and they definitely aren’t random. What may appear to be a non-target was still selected because it met our targeting parameters. Computers don’t make mistakes like this. Instagram and Twitter can be very different from Facebook in that people create accounts that don’t necessarily represent who they are or all of their interests. They may have other interests, but their account may be about just one interest. You can’t always tell from an Instagram feed who is behind the wheel.

I'm following a lot more accounts than I was before

The following number will spike in the beginning but then level out. This is due to the time delay from when we first follow an account, to 48 hours later when they are then unfollowed. After 48 hours the amount being followed each day equals the amount being unfollowed. This means your following number will grow with your follower number because we do not unfollow accounts that follow back to help retention. We can turn that feature off and unfollow all accounts that the following number doesn’t go up over time, but that is by special request as we do not unfollow new followers by default.

How do I make sure you don't unfollow accounts I want to stay following

First we will not unfollow any accounts that are currently following you. For this reason an account that does not follow you would not know you unfollowed them. If there are accounts that you want to stay following, you’ll need to provide us with a “white list” of accounts. You can provide this in an email (or CSV file) as a list, with a new account on each line, like this (NO @ symbols please):

  • Account1
  • Account2
  • Account3
My news feed now has accounts I'm not interested in seeing

This is because of all the new targets we’re following! Yes, we acknowledge that the newsfeed loses its utility during the growth process. For this reason many of us have separate business and personal accounts, with the personal account used for the newsfeed mainly. The good news is we can ultimately wind down the following list at different points during the growth campaign.

Why does Twitter keep requiring verifications?

This doesn’t happen to all accounts, but if it does happen to yours it gets annoying. Basically Twitter is trying to cut back on spam and fake accounts, and our growth engine can trigger verifications due to “suspicious activity” that would be similar to a hacked account. This is not a real concern, and more of a nuisance. If it happens to your account you may be required to reset the password multiple times before it ultimately stops. Yes, it does stop! Please be patient with the process, it’s worth it!

Can I keep posting? Can I still follow and unfollow accounts?

Yes, please keep posting! All content will ultimately make your account more attractive and increase the amount of people that choose to follow it. Striving to post at least 5 times a week is ideal. If you need assistance with this, we sell an awesome Instagram marketing service for just $98 a month with custom graphics!

However, you should keep following and unfollowing to a minimum. We’ll be conducting 300 follows and unfollows every day, so much more of that activity may cause the service to temporary pause your account. Not really serious, but annoying.