Halloween is the start of a packed end-of-year sales period. After Halloween, we are quickly in the throws of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and the New Year. This holiday is celebrated worldwide but is beloved in the USA. While it is commercial, people love the season. Now is the time to start marketing for Halloween in your cheap social media marketing plan!

Start early to beat the crowds. There are a few weeks before October 31st but that doesn’t mean you should wait to start changing your social media posting. Start making your plan now for the season so the dates don’t pass you by.

Mix-up hashtags. Choose trending seasonal hashtags for the posts you share during this time. When you do this people who don’t normally see your content will discover your account. Trending topics and holidays should always be incorporated into your content calendar. At 98 Buck we always post about holidays to keep your affordable social media marketing relevant.

Photo contest. Ask your followers to share photos of their costumes, decorations, or seasonal treats as entries for a giveaway. Giveaway posts help increase your reach. Have fun with it and make it your own.

Share photos of your decorated workplace. Your audience loves seeing behind-the-scenes posts about your business year-round! If you decorate for various holidays share it with your followers. You can also share photos of your employees dressed up and celebrating Halloween.

Incorporate seasonal jokes. If you like to share jokes and memes on your business page start shifting them to be about Halloween. Adding humor to your content calendar is a simple way to boost your engagement around this time of year.

Recipe ideas. This is a great option for the foodservice industry to take part in the spooky season. Share Halloween-themed dishes with your followers and ask them to tag you in their photos of them trying the recipes!