Reels is Instagram’s newest feature and they recently shared their secrets to how they suggest the videos to its users. This information is a great tool to help guide your content creation. Despite having the information, experimentation is important to figure out what content works best with your business. Follow similar content creators to imitate what is successful for them and what could work for your business.

The Reels algorithm tries to predict if the user will do one of these four things:

  • Watch the entire video through
  • Like it
  • Leave a comment
  • Go to the audio to make their own Reel

When you create a Reel your goal is to make it engaging enough that someone takes an action. This kind of content is meant to entertain and add value to the viewer. Include a call to action in the video or caption. If there is high engagement on your video, the algorithm will push it to more people who may enjoy it too. Try to use trending audio, it may increase your Reel’s reach as well.

Things that negatively impact your Reel’s performance:

  • Low resolution
  • Watermarked
  • Political content
  • Reels that are made by political figures, parties, or government officials

In addition to releasing the factors that improve your Reel’s performance, Instagram released the factors that will reduce its reach. You should always post content that is high resolution because we are past the days when a grainy photo or video suffices. While watermarked video is preferred on other platforms like Youtube or Facebook, it hurts your video’s performance on Instagram Reels. Unfortunately, if you are running for office, your Reels will not perform as well as a general business or influencer.

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