When you think about search engine optimization, most forget about Instagram! An easy and cheap social media marketing tip is to optimize your Instagram page. Through their search feature, users can find accounts, locations, and hashtags. Instagram separates searches into Top Results first and then breaks them down into Accounts, Places, and Tags. For the app to suggest certain search results it uses it’s own algorithm!

Three factors that Instagram uses in it’s search engine:

  • The text that is entered. This is the first and most important part of the search. Instagram tries to best match what the user has typed into the search bar.
  • Past activity in the app. After using what was actually typed in, Instagram takes into account the user’s past history in the app. This includes who the user has interacted with, who they follow, past searches, and how they interacted with them.
  • Popularity of each query. The last factor is the popularity of the matches within the user’s search. The things that affect this include the numbers of likes, shares, clicks, and follows of each account that shows up in the search.

Tips to show up in Instagram Searches

Your bio can be search-engine-optimized. Include relevant keywords in your bio just like you would on your website. Also share your location in your bio if that is relevant to your business. It can help people in your community discover you.

Accounts that don’t follow guidelines don’t show up in searches. Try to avoid using banned hashtags or posting spammy comments because Instagram hides those accounts lower in their search results to improve the user’s experience.

Use relevant hashtags in the caption. There has been a long debate about where the hashtags should go, but according to Instagram, you should include it in the caption. It makes your content and your account more searchable. 98 Buck always includes hashtags in captions for your social media posting.