In this new age of transparency, social media platforms are releasing how their algorithm works! LinkedIn is in the process of changing some aspects of its algorithm to reduce spam posts, but even still, businesses are seeing higher levels of engagement on their social media posting. If you would like to know more about how LinkedIn’s algorithm works in 2022, keep reading!

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works

Like most social platforms, chronological feeds are not the standard anymore. To make the experience better for their users, LinkedIn has been employing an algorithm to help users see posts they are more likely to enjoy. These are the factors they take into consideration when ordering a user’s feed:

Personal connections. LinkedIn has been shifting the priority of posts from mega-influencers, to personal connections. This is determined by who the user has worked with in the past, and who the user has interacted with on the platform. This means priority in-feed is given to past interactions. 

Relevance. Tracking the relevance of topics in posts takes a couple of steps. First LinkedIn notes the topics within personal connections. Then they track the topics in posts made by the company the user works for. The combination of these things impacts what posts are pushed to the user’s feed.

Probability of engagement. LinkedIn ranks a post’s engagement probability in two ways: how likely a user will engage with a post based on what they interacted with in the past, and how quickly a post receives engagement after it’s published. When a user regularly engages with others’ posts, they will see more of those posts in their feed and those posts are more likely to show up in other users’ feeds. 

“Dwell Time.” Once a user sees the post, LinkedIn tracks how much time they are spending time on a post. This will impact what that user sees in the future and if that post also gets pushed to other users. 

Tips to improve engagement:

To make the most of your affordable social media strategy, keep these tips in mind to work with the LinkedIn algorithm:

  • LinkedIn is penalizing posts with double-spaced text. It is designed to lure clicks because the user has to tap on the post to see the full message. These posts are getting less reach.
  • Do not directly ask for likes or reactions. LinkedIn is now tracking which posts do this and lower their ranking in the feed. 
  • Don’t overdo it on polls. LinkedIn has started limiting how many polls a user sees in their feed.