It’s never easy selling on social media, but it is especially hard now that the typical social media marketing framework has shifted. Salesy content does not work on buyers. You need to be much more intentional with how you market your business through your social media posting. Here are some tips to change your content while increasing engagement AND sales: 

Focus on providing value often. Offering valuable information for free is the top way to build trust with your community online. It takes time and consistency for your audience to understand you are a helpful authority in your niche. When you do post about your products, they are more likely to purchase from you because they know you are genuine and offer high-quality items. 

Don’t talk ‘at’ your audience. When selling, you should be listening more than talking. The same goes for selling on social media. Have conversations about important topics in your niche. Ask for your followers’ opinions and listen to what they have to say. It may not seem like it but engagement is a two-way street. 

Show the value and benefits of your products. Show, don’t tell! Create posts around how your product can help your target audience. This still centers your products in the conversation while not being overly pushy about getting sales. It will actually make people want to buy from you because they will believe they need it. 

Utilize a launch schedule. If you forget to make scheduled posts about your upcoming launch, your content will be repetitive while you push your new product. This will sound very salesy to your audience so it is much more effective to follow a social media launch schedule. In the first week, educate and provide value in the topic that is connected to your product. Talk about the main pain points your customers experience in the second week. During the third week, tease your product and ask your audience questions. By the time you are ready to launch your product in the fourth week, you will have built interest and your audience will be racing to buy!

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