Consumers no longer want their money going towards brands they don’t know. Authenticity is an important characteristic to them and social media is a perfect way to show your audience who you are. They are skeptical of most businesses but there are ways to show users you are trustworthy and deserving of their support!

Consistency. Show up for your followers online. Create a plan for your social media posting schedule and stick to it. 98 Buck Social follows a regular plan for posting days so your business is always on your customers’ minds!


People can pick up when brands aren’t showing their true colors. Follow through with your mission and showcase it online. Consumers care about social issues and expect the brands they support to do the same. If you donate to various charities, post about it!


Social media users don’t just use platforms to do research, they use them to talk to brands and leave feedback. They expect to hear back. Check your comments and messages and respond as quickly as you can. Most users expect responses within 24 hours.

Listen and learn.

Social media is a powerful tool to learn from, not just a microphone for your business. Spend some time consuming content like your customer does to see what your competitors are doing and the trends users enjoy. You should also reflect on how your past content performed. Why was it successful or unsuccessful?

Employees’ and Leaders’ voices matter.

Consumers on social media look at what employees of the company they support are doing and saying. Consider including employee advocacy in your cheap social media plans. Users trust what employees think of where they work.

98 Buck Social is happy to implement any messaging you want to include in your social media posts. Contact us if you need to adjust your plans!