Twitter is one of the first social media platforms, launching in 2006 just two years after Facebook! Despite how long Twitter has been around, many people are still confused about how to succeed on this platform. It has been around for 15 years because there is an audience that enjoys using it! If you want to grow your Twitter following try these tips:

Stay active. Like most social media platforms, to do well on it, you need to be active! You can’t forget about posting and still expect to grow. 98 Buck can help maintain your presence on Twitter with our affordable social media plans.

Post throughout the day but don’t flood your followers. Twitter’s feed is very fast-moving, so you should post multiple times throughout the day to stay on your follower’s feeds. However, there is a balance! If you post too much you will lose followers, so try to post between 5 and 20 times a day.

Follow trends. Stay relevant on Twitter by following trends! If you tweet about topics that are important to your followers they are more likely to engage with your content. Follow accounts in your industry to stay in the know.

Use trending hashtags. When writing tweets and following trends, be sure to use trending hashtags. Hashtags help your social media posting get into more people’s feeds. Take note of the trending hashtags used with the accounts you follow and do research in the Explore tab. In this tab, you can type out a hashtag and see how many tweets have used them in the last hour.

Alter your tweets to be similar to others that performed well. As you keep posting to Twitter, you will begin to notice what works and what doesn’t. There is even an Analytics section you can use to see your top tweets. This information can help you write your next tweets and increase their engagement!

Directly ask for others’ opinions. An easy way to increase your engagement is to directly ask your followers to do something. Ask them questions, ask for feedback, or ask for opinions!