The coronavirus pandemic has drastically increased pretty much everyone’s usage of the Internet. Due to the COVID-19, people are spending an average of 1-2 hours more per day on social media than before the pandemic took place. Which means, more of a chance for you to us social media to reach more people more frequently.

Social Distancing and Connecting with others

Due to social distancing, people are using social media to connect with friends and family more than ever. Connecting to people ranges from simple messages to video chatting and regularly posting Instagram and Facebook stories. Live-streaming on both Instagram and Facebook is a great way to connect with people all around the world. It allows people to learn more about you by engaging and asking questions and allows for feedback by leaving comments. Stories on Facebook and Instagram allows you to capture your audience’s attention in a short period of time. This gives your audience curiosity to look further into your business to find out more of who you are, and why they should buy from you. 

Logging into Social Media

With people logging into social media multiple times a day, this gives you more opportunities to target a specific audience, ideally at the right time where they’ll take action. Facebook and Instagram use algorithms to learn specifically what the user is interested in and/or what they have previously searched for through Google or other search engines. Pushing your ads to target your specific audience frequently helps to increase business and gain recognition to get your new social media follow to turn into a customer.

Local Community

The ever-changing increasing and decreasing of restrictions all over the country on businesses has made it difficult to find out what businesses are open or what their restrictions are. One of the first steps a customer will take to find out about a business, is to turn to their social media or Google My Business (GMB) page. Similar to the “We Are Open” sign in front of a business can help, the problem is it only targets those who drive or walk by the store front (if you even have one). A social media post letting your customers know you’re open reaches those who are unsure of whether or not leaving their house is worth it. Updating your GMB has the same benefit. Keep these up to date as often as possible! Using live video or short stories of customers inside of your business can show safety measures you are taking and help build confidence in their patronage. Customers tagging themselves inside of your business can lead to those who are unaware of your business all together, so perhaps asking some of your closer customers to do so.

If you’re struggling with social media during these hard time, we an help! Please give us a call at (844) 98-BUCKS, drop us a line at, or hit up the online chat in the lower left. We just need your contact info, our sales team will reach out and educate you about your options. Good luck out there, and stay safe!