LinkedIn is the social media destination for finding new leads for your business, especially if you are B2B! The average user is usually on this platform for content geared towards professionals. Our cheap social media marketing can help you maintain a presence on LinkedIn, giving you the opportunity to hunt down leads through your connections and direct messages!

Utilize your About section. When someone comes to your business’s page, they should know exactly who you are. Make it clear what your business is about and the services you offer in the About section.

LinkedIn new Services page. To complete your business profile, add your services! LinkedIn just launched this page and it is a perfect spot to find leads outside of the traditional manner. Users can search for services, so they will be able to find your business! 98 Buck is a white label agency, so if you want to add social media marketing to your services, contact us to get started!

Service reviews. As well as adding the Service page, LinkedIn added reviews! You can invite your past clients to leave reviews on your services to promote your offerings.

Maintain a strong presence. Through your social media posting you should be adding insightful and educational content to further the discussions happening in your industry. Showing you are a thought leader will show users you are just as engaged as they are.

LinkedIn Video Meeting. The platform also added a native video meeting option that allows you to start a video call with people you have message threads with! This feature helps you build trust with potential new clients while socially distanced or if you are a remote-based business.

Leverage your connections with existing clients. LinkedIn is about networking! Reach out to your connections and clients and figure out who they know in your industry. You will know a bit about those new leads already and it will help you connect.