So you want to be an internet star? Whether you are trying to grow your personal or business brand, the key to building a following is honesty. Be true to yourself. People will follow you online because you are unique. No matter what you are selling, your customers are essentially buying you. You and the individuals who make up your company as a whole are often more important than the product itself.


Social media marketing is essential to any marketing strategy in an era where everyone is online. The number of internet users worldwide is over 4 billion, and the number of social media users worldwide is over 3 billion. That is a lot of potential customers! How can you reach the biggest number possible?


Content is huge in the online world. There is a lot of noise out there, with everyone churning out content at a fast pace. Nowadays, the need is to create customized content. Most social media platforms are already customizing a user’s news feed based on their likes, clicks, and preferences. This trend will continue to grow, and marketers will serve content and ads handpicked for an individual. Knowing who your audience is, and who you want your audience to be, will help you focus on your content and target audiences. With that, certain social media platforms are better catered to certain people and markets. Do your research so you know the best places to reach who you want to reach.


Your prospects also want to know what others think about you. Include client testimonials or product reviews on your website and your social media channels. People trust the advice of your past customers. If your customers have good things to say, it’s usually a good sign. Testimonials, case studies, and reviews serve as powerful social proof that can help you attract new business and establish credibility.


Great minds think alike. Another good idea is to build online relationships with other people, businesses, and brands that are similar to you. And that similarity is not limited to the products you are selling, but also your values and vision. While groupthink may not necessarily be a great thing, it helps like minded individuals and businesses connect with each other.


Obviously, every social media influencer and profile with a large following did not get there the same way. Nor do they all sell the same products or participate in the same industry. A general rule in life is there is more than one way to do things. Building an online presence and social media following stays true to that advice.