Getting more engagement can be tricky on LinkedIn. When executed well, you will see increased brand awareness and traffic! LinkedIn is the platform to be on if you are a B2B company, but there are certain B2C companies that can benefit from a presence on this social media website! 98 Buck offers various cheap social media services that can include LinkedIn marketing!

Here are our tips to increase engagement on LinkedIn:

Don’t just post branded content. The type of content you share is so important. If your followers are only getting bombarded with promotional content, they won’t want to engage with it. Mix up the kinds of posts you share and ask your followers questions about themselves and their business!

Post at the peak times. Often the main reason your content isn’t performing well is that it isn’t posted when people are most active. This is such an easy fix! Spend some time experimenting with your posting times and analyze how well it performed. If you don’t want to experiment, usually the hour before work and during lunch breaks Monday through Friday get the most engagement. Very few people spend time on LinkedIn during the weekends. Our experts keep track of the best times for your social media posting!

Keep posts well-spaced and easy to read. Dense, essay-like posts are usually passed up because people prefer to take in information quickly. Paragraphs should only be 1-2 sentences and spaced apart so it is easier to read. Posts can be long but be sure to space the lines apart.

Reply to comments to make a good impression. If you do get a comment, always write back. This makes your business much more personable and you will make a great first impression! Responding to comments is also a great opportunity to have conversations with your followers.

Proofread. The most unprofessional thing in a social media post is a spelling or grammatical error. Since your posts are the voice of your business, you want to come across as an authority. Always double-check your posts before you share them.