Why you should stay current

Every successful social media marketer works hard to stay knowledgeable about the current trends. When you understand the popular trends, you will be able to implement similar wording, memes, photos, and videos in your planning!

Tips to follow trends

Get familiar with the platforms. Before you can follow trends, you need to know how each platform works. You will start to understand the typical user’s point of view, which is beneficial to your social media posting. Certain platforms have ways to see what is trending without following too many accounts. On Instagram you can follow hashtags and those posts will show up in your feed. Instagram’s explore page is a perfect place to see what is popular. On Twitter you can create a stream and follow hashtags. If you want to stay updated on TikTok, your “For You” page is populated with new content TikTok’s algorithm thinks you will like. When you see a few videos with the same hashtag, click on it to see other trending videos.

Spend time on social media every day. Because trends come and go so fast, you need to be watching. Set aside time each day to check each platform (or at least the ones you want to market on) and either physically or mentally take notes of what you see is trending. It may be helpful to write it down so you can refer to it when you are planning your content calendar. Through following various trending accounts and hashtags your feed will be customized to your industry and its trends.

Watch competitors. If there is a competitor or larger business that seems to be ahead of the trends, pay attention to them! Try to focus on building inspiration instead of comparing your content, follower count, number of likes, etc because it can make you feel discouraged. Do not copy their content, make it your own and get creative! If there is something you saw online and want to implement to your content, contact us! We are happy to adjust your posts within our cheap social media services!

Our skilled social media managers follow trends, so you don’t have to. Make sure you are following our blog to stay up to date on social media trends!