Your social media platforms are like online billboards for your business! What you share to your Instagram profile provides potential customers with an idea of who you are and what your business can do for them. The first thing they see when they come across your profile has key information that you have the power to change. Optimizing these key things will improve your cheap social media marketing.

Account handle. This should be your business name so it is easy for people to remember and find your account. If possible all of your social media profiles should have the same handle. Your handle is searchable in Instagram’s search engine.

Profile Image. Depending on what your business is, the best choice for your profile image should be a high-quality professional photo of you or simply your logo. Don’t change your profile photo too often because it can confuse your followers.

Name. The name section of your profile is searchable on Instagram! Since your handle should already be your business name, you should use this line to describe your business concisely. You only have 30 characters to work with so make them count.

Bio. In your Bio, you have much more space to expand on what you do. It should still be simple so users can skim quickly and understand your business. The keywords you use in your Bio should also be search engine optimized because this section can help you show up in users’ searches or on their explore page. 

Profile Link. You don’t have as many options for linking on Instagram as you do on other platforms. This link is very important to your social media posting! There are free websites where you can create a custom link list if you have multiple links you would like to highlight. You can even create a hidden page on your website if you would like users to be directed to your website instead of a third party.

Story Highlights. If you create stories, you can save them to story highlights so they don’t disappear! This is a great way to keep your frequently asked questions and behind the scenes in an easy-to-find spot for new visitors. This can be done as you create the stories or after they “expire” through your archive.