Managing Your Online Reputation

It is more important now than it has ever been to manage your company’s online reputation. With today’s crises and thousands being sent home, there’s more online traffic now than there has been in past years. Studies have shown that around 85% of your potential customers are going to research your company before they decide to purchase from you.
The research your potential customers will conduct includes looking into your social media presence. They will also look at the reviews other customers have left on your products and/or services, as well as any online news feeds that might be out there. To understand your online reputation, you have to know how your customers use the web.
These are a few tips on how you can manage your company’s online reputation.

Manage Your Social Footprint

Two of the more popular social media platforms include Twitter and Facebook. These are not the only two, but they do seem to get the majority of online traffic. To manage your social footprint and check your online reputation, you should perform regular searches on your brand on different platforms, and especially these two.
Looking over your search results will give you an idea of what people are saying about your brand. You will gain valuable insight into consumer’s attitudes towards your company. The insight gained will enable you to make changes if needed, or know your strengths. If the task seems too much, asks us about our affordable social media management services.

Provide Prompt Responses

If you are creating a social media presence, your customers and potential customers will expect you to be sociable. If someone reaches out to you on one of your platforms, they will expect a response, and they will watch for a prompt response.
The response should be provided promptly, even if it isn’t a solution to their question. Acknowledging that you received the question and are looking into an answer, will significantly help your online reputation.
When you post content on your platforms, engage with those who have left comments. Creating these interactions will build lasting relationships and build on your online reputation.

Build Your Yelp/Google Reviews

One good method of improving your online reputation is to ask customers, especially those early in their buying cycle, to post a review. Online reviews are powerful tools, and having a customer express their views on your brand will increase your online reputation. Building a collection of solid reviews will speak volumes for your integrity and encourage more purchases.
When a potential customer begins looking for services or brands online, they can find some of the more prominent ones on Yelp or Google Reviews. By building a collection of reviews on these platforms, you help your brand become more credible and trustworthy.

Strengthen Brand Advocacy

Use your social media platforms to provide your customers with a reason to engage with you. Share content they enjoy, and start discussions along with hosted competitions. You want to encourage your customers to share their content as well. User-generated content is as valuable as user reviews and taken very seriously by potential customers.
Strengthen your brand advocacy inside your company as well. Create a set of social media guidelines for your employees, which details the nature and culture when they reference your brand honestly and openly.

Build Trust Through Transparency

The internet has made it possible for potential customers not just to see and hear everything you say, it makes it possible for them to know anything you’ve ever said online. Because of this, you have to practice honest marketing and communication when using social media. If you make a mistake, you must own up to it immediately, and never be afraid to admit to an error.
Trying to cover something up and then having it discovered later will be out there online forever and remembered. This message also pertains to complaints someone makes about your brand. Do not try to delete them or hide them. It would be best if you addressed the claim right away and post how you will handle it.

People talk about you and your brand, so your online reputation is vital to your business. Negative comments are now able to travel at the speed of light in the online world, and your online reputation will significantly determine your overall success.