If you aren’t careful, your direct messages (or DMs) can very quickly become a stressful situation. You have other things to focus on in your business, but you don’t want to neglect your customer’s questions about your business. An ignored message can mean a missed sale! We have your social media posting handled but you may need to start checking your direct messages more frequently to make sure you are connecting to your followers!

Create a plan. Responding to direct messages takes time, so it is a good idea to set aside time every day or every couple days to focus on those messages. You can also decide if there are certain FAQs you are able to respond to quickly and then direct longer questions to contact you by email.

Define roles within your business. It is always an option to delegate the job of responding to your messages! Make sure you choose the best team member to take on this role. It is a version of customer relations so choose someone who can calmly and politely handle disgruntled customers in case an issue arises!

Respond to Facebook and Instagram direct messages at once. Now you are able to respond to both of your direct messages in one spot within your Facebook Business page. This helps you save time and allows you to connect to your audience on more than one platform.

Create Quick Replies. Another time-saving trick for your Instagram direct messages is to create Quick Messages for the questions you receive all the time! You are able to create the specific shortcuts to use with your replies so after setting them up all you do is type in the shortcut and you are prompted to the Quick Reply!

Flag DMs you can’t respond to immediately. It’s easy to accidentally open a message to only forget to respond to the question asked! By flagging the messages it allows you to quickly find those messages you’ve opened and need to get back to!

98 Buck’s cheap social media services take the posting off your plate so you can connect to your audience in your DMs!