There are almost 300 million users on Snapchat! If you have your basic bases covered with your affordable social media marketing, it may be time to include this platform. Snapchat is more popular among Gen Z and Millenials, so this platform is great if you want to shift your ideal audience to include those generations.

Let your audience on other platforms know you are on Snapchat.

When you have been primarily marketing your business on other platforms you will naturally have a larger following in those places. Explicitly tell your audience on the other platforms that you are now on Snapchat. If someone from that platform also likes to spend time on Snapchat they are more likely to follow you. They won’t know to follow you there if you don’t tell them!

Show your playful side.

Humanize your brand through this casual style of social media posting. Snapchat wasn’t created to be a serious platform, it was meant to be fun. Experiment with different filters and themes. You can maintain clear branding with your Stories or you can keep it low-key.

Have an influencer do a “takeover.”

Organic growth can be difficult on this app, so if you are looking for faster growth, team up with an influencer in your industry. They can take over your account for the day to show their fans what they do. This directs some of their followers to your account.

Be realistic about your ROI.

Snapchat (like many other social media platforms) doesn’t have a sky-high ROI rate. Increasing engagement and directing people to make a purchase can take a long time. Don’t come to this app expecting overnight success. However, you may notice faster sales conversions because more people are likely to make an impulse purchase on Snapchat.

Show behind the scenes of your business.

Since this is a casual platform, the best content shows behind the curtain! Share how your products are made, packaged, and shipped. Your followers will become addicted to learning more about your business. If you want to reserve your behind-the-scenes content for Snapchat, promote it on your other platforms by telling people to go to your Snapchat Stories to see things they can’t see anywhere else!