Your branding is how people recognize you and your business. This is how you show up to the world in all aspects from your logo to your social media posting. Your business’ personality is its branding! If you are a start-up and looking for tips to create your branding, keep these things in mind: 

Branding Tips

Be original. Each and every one of us is unique and original, so your brand should be too! You can take inspiration from other businesses but if you copy them outright you won’t see the same success. Showing up in an original way helps people connect to your brand. 

Sincerity. Along the same trend of originality, your branding should be sincere. Authenticity is important in a business, especially because younger generations care about this brand value. All the quirks you love about your business, your target audience will love too. 

Consistency across platforms. Once you have determined all the aspects of your branding, keep it consistent across every platform you market your business on. Your brand voice is just as important as your brand colors. The managers that are included in your 98 Buck Social affordable social media plan work hard to match your brand voice to remain consistent. 

Awareness. When people don’t see your content, they don’t get the chance to remember your brand. Combine organic and paid growth strategies to reach more people. If you are a startup, cheap Facebook ads and other paid social media marketing tactics could help increase your awareness!

Offer value. It is unlikely you have started your business with zero competitors. To stand out from them, offer unique value to your audience. The value you offer is ultimately determined by your branding and mission. This could be offering better goods and services, or sharing free information on your social media platforms.