As the new year approaches, one of your goals may be to extend your affordable social media marketing to new platforms! TikTok has been one of the fastest-growing platforms and may reach the same amount of users as Facebook in 2022. The way to succeed on TikTok is very different from how you succeed on any other social media platform.

Create unique and relevant content. For the most part, you can’t repost content you have previously shared on other platforms. You can repurpose old, well-performing content, but it needs to be catered to TikTok users. TikTok is a short-form video platform, which means you need to make your content attention-grabbing and on-trend.

Add music and effects to your videos. TikTok started as a Musically so music is an important aspect of their platform. They have a larger database of music than Instagram does and many up-and-coming musicians upload their songs in hopes of being part of a new trend. Incorporate the most popular music into your videos to increase your views and reach.

Optimize the platform’s publishing features. Before you hit “post” make sure you look through every step of the publishing section. Your caption can only be 150 characters so short and interesting is best. Don’t forget the hashtags and if relevant you can tag influencers or businesses you are collaborating with. Enable duet and stitch to let other users interact with your video in ways that aren’t possible on other platforms.

Encourage user-generated content. This should always be part of your social media posting because it builds trust in your brand through social proof. To encourage people to make content about your business create a hashtag challenge or ask people who have purchased from you to make videos and use your hashtag so it is easy to find. When you repost their videos it makes your existing customers happy you offered them recognition.

Advertise on the platform. Despite not focusing on monetization, TikTok has created advertisements that seamlessly fit in users’ “For You Page.” In-feed ads roll as full-screen videos between the ones a user scrolls through. BrandTakovers and TopView ads open up with the app and are generally more expensive, but a user can interact with them as a normal video.