Hashtags are a powerful way to get your brand out there. By using hashtags on your posts, it gets spread to people who aren’t following you yet. Hashtags are clickable, so users can tap on a hashtag and be shown other content that has also used it. Some people follow hashtags so those posts show up directly in their feed. You might love fishing, so following the hashtag #fishinglife would fill your feed with content that you might find interesting and engaging. Most people don’t know you can actually follow hashtags, not just accounts.

Common hashtag categories include:

  • Descriptions your service or product- #mascara or #realtor
  • Community- #dogsofinstagram
  • Event or seasonal- #autumn or #NationalIceCreamDay
  • Location- #TampaFoodies
  • Daily- #FlashbackFriday

You can create your own hashtag if you want to build a community related to your business. Brands as big as Nike or Ipsy do this, but many smaller creators do the same thing. It takes time, but consistency over time will yield valuable (and free) traffic.

Research Your Hashtags

Research will help you narrow down popular ones to include in your post. You can search for hashtags and it will show how many posts have used that hashtag. It is helpful to include hashtags with varying quantities of posts. If all 15 to 30 of your hashtags have over one million posts, it is less likely people will see your business. Also, only choosing very unique hashtags with less than one thousand posts means that people rarely use it. Try to use more hashtags with tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of posts. These are small enough that your post won’t get buried as fast in the sea of content but the hashtag is also still active.

Use a tool like https://hashtagify.me to find hashtags that will work for your business.

Look at your competition! What hashtags are they using? This can give you ideas about what is working in your industry and help give you ideas for quality hashtags. Use your audience too. Check out their commonly used hashtags to learn exactly what your ideal customer is looking at on Instagram.

How many Hashtags and How Often?

At a minimum you should use three hashtags per post, but you can use up to thirty on Instagram. They typically shouldn’t be in the same order in every post, Instagram doesn’t favor this. Character count is limited on Twitter so three is all you need to maximize the space you’re given. It is recommended to use hashtags on your Facebook posts too, because it makes the content searchable and interactive. It gives your audience something to click.

Some hashtags become banned and hidden from their overuse by spam accounts. Avoid using these because it can cause Instagram to flag your account or hide it from the search. Check every hashtag before you use it; there will be a notification on the top of the hashtag page. You can easily Google “banned Instagram hashtags” to see the list.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hashtags! You can see what fosters engagement with your Instagram Insights to understand what works and what doesn’t.

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